Kinda Sounds Like Sounds

by Younger

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released April 10, 2013



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Younger Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I am Drew and this is Younger.

This is my outlet.

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Track Name: Lost
Do you feel that? That's the feeling of numbness.
Feed your body with the poison,
Let it feast on your mind 'till your body has died.
You long to feel something,
And nothing feels right,
Yet you insist on emptying yourself every night.

Verse 1:
Take another shot your faux friend says to you,
So you take it all down, you let them tell you what to do.
What's happened? Have you no will?
You doubt your own life as if none of it's real?
You'll pass out again no matter where you are.
I just hope that the bathroom isn't too far.


Verse 2:
Waking up late another head ache ensues,
You don't know what happened, and you're lost and confused.
"What a night that was." they all say with such joy.
"Lets do it again." They'll agree as a ploy,
To lure you back in and to poison you more.
It's almost as if I never knew you before.

Track Name: Enough
Verse 1:
This old ship,
It holds itself together with,
False hopes,
And the thoughts you've kept hidden from the world,
Are just as cruel as the world itself.

Good luck hiding that from me now.
I see right through the cracks in your frame.

We're not so different you and I.
We both are fighting to survive.
In a world that looks down on us.
And I can tell you've had enough.

Verse 2:
I can see.
You can't hide it from me.
You're a broken soul,
It isn't hard to tell.

You try to push me away.
But you can't push me away.

We're not so different you and I.
We both are fighting to survive.
In a world that looks down on us.
And I can tell you've had,
Oh I can tell you've had enough.
I can tell, I can tell.
You do not hide it very well.
Track Name: Hanging by a Thread
Verse 1:
I haven't lost it all,
Still hanging by a thread.
It hurts to be alive,
But at least I'm not dead.
See I'm not one for taking chances,
And I doubt that I ever will.
So I keep my feelings to myself,
Simply for the thrill.

Woah Oh's.
(Not much of a chorus, I know, but you didn't write the song now did you?)

Verse 2:
I'm holding on for dear life,
And it'd be a lie to say,
"I don't need anyone at all,
I can make it through the day."
I keep it all to myself,
Cause I am slightly afraid,
Ad even slightly ashamed,
That I can't come up with something to say.

Track Name: Separate Ways
Verse 1:
I gave up along time ago,
Trying to keep you in my life.
I could have sworn we were the best of friends,
But I guess it's true what they always said,
People will change in the end.

We all move on, we all go our separate ways.
When it's all said and done there's,
No need to hold on to a lie.
We were always meant to,
Say goodbye.

Verse 2:
I hope that everything is well with you.
I hope you're doing what you want to do.
Cause in the end we were never really friends.
It was nice to know you
It was nice to know you while I did.



Track Name: Alone
The painstaking feeling of living and dealing,
With regret as it seeps into the fiber of your being.
Waking up and feeling down,
And trying to figure out why.
As you circle back around,
The room becomes fuzzy and your heart becomes cold,
As you look at yourself and realize you're all alone.
No one has tried,
To stay by your side.
You're just another forgotten soul
Who let the darkness take control.


Verse 2:
"These people abandoned me", you scream to yourself.
"What is this about? Can't somebody help?
What am I?" You say as the room spins around,
And then back to yourself you say, "Some yarn come unwound.
A lost man all by himself. The unwanted toy left alone on the self.'
For that moment all is lost.
You long to feel whole again no matter the cost.